Thatcher Kezer

Decisive, Innovative Leadership for Amesbury

Amesbury’s Bond Rating Increased from A+ to AA

During his 8 years as mayor, Thatcher Kezer has:

  • Cut spending While Maintaining Quality of Life Services
    • Negotiated an $880,000 reduction in health costs
    • Reduced trash and recycling costs by $115,000.
    • Generated $240,000 in savings through regionalization of dispatch operations and $100,000 a year through regionalized health services.
    • Held current city budget to a 0.4% increase while meeting all of our obligations for delivering city services.
  • Supported the Schools:
    • Increased Amesbury’s investment in schools by $5.9 million over the past five years in response to the decrease in state and federal education funding.
    • 90% of all new budget dollars for 2014 will go to Amesbury schools.
    • 73% of all new budget dollars went to schools over the last seven years.
  • Improved Infrastructure through State and Federal Funding:
    • While keeping budgets level through cost control and efficiencies operations Mayor Kezer is investing more in improving your roads, sidewalks, drains, water and sewer infrastructure. He has secured over $33 million in state and federal funding for Amesbury improvements.
  • Increased Economic Growth and Job Development:
    • Secured over $950,000 in grants to complete the Upper Millyard Revitalization which will improve the quality of life in Amesbury.
    • The Lower Millyard Revitalization Project is expected to bring over $90 million in private sector economic growth and new jobs to Amesbury and over $1 million in new revenues.


Thatcher Kezer’s Platform

  • Continue significant investment in Amesbury’s schools
  • Continue cost control while delivering city services residents expect
  • Continue to generate savings for the community through regionalization, innovation and efficiency opportunities, including:
    • Solarization of city-owned facilities. Learn About Amesbury’s Green Community Application Process
    • Secure Amesbury’s participation in National Grid’s ‘Electric Aggregation’ program, enabling Amesbury residents to buy electricity at a lower negotiated bulk rate.
    • Work toward Zero Net Emissions for the City, following the lead of Chelmsford and other communities.
    • Continue to re-engineer the way that we do business to lower costs and add productivity.
    • Continue to expand the City’s commercial and industrial base through investments such as the Lower Millyard.
    • Continue to re-invest savings from contracts, regionalization and CIP growth into schools, roads, sidewalks and parks.

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